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  • Clean Burn is a win-win for everybody. You save the environment by recycling it on site. You’re not having to pay someone else haul it away. You keep your waste oil in your facility after an oil change or whatever you do in your vehicles. Then put it right in your Clean Burn furnace to heat your shop, and you're done.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend
  • Clean Burn has done a great job. They've got a really good product. We have a lot of waste oil in the shop, and they help us recycle it into heat. It's definitely the most efficient way that we can do it. Instead of having a company come and haul off your waste oil, you dump it right in your Clean Burn unit, and now you're heatin' your shop.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend
  • We hadn't had any problem with Clean Burn over the years. It's been pretty much bulletproof. We've had really good success with them in our in our shops, and that's why I keep coming back.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend
  • “We got our Clean Burn unit when we opened our doors and its been a work horse ever since. This piece of equipment may qualify as our longest, hardest working employee in the company!” “We found that the first Clean Burn unit was a tremendous investment and saved us on energy costs. It makes sense that we want to continue with those savings … especially when we’re getting 6,000 gallons of used oil for free each year!” “We absolutely recommend these products for anyone who has a source of used oil. Instead of paying to haul away the oil and potentially damage the environment, you can easily recycle the oil and gain free heat. What better way is there for a small business owner to save money and gain such a strong return-on-investment?”

    Danny Darnell, President D N Welding & Fabrication, Inc. | Park City, Illinois
  • “We’ve had our Clean Burn furnace at Eastern Mennonite University for about two years. The unit recycles used motor oil from a eight pieces of grounds equipment and 24 fleet operations. The ‘free heat’ generated by the furnace heats our automotive and equipment shop on campus.” “Without our Clean Burn furnace, we would have to pay to have our used motor oil hauled off. Having an on-site furnace is more practical and economical. As an added bonus, we eliminate the liability of transporting the used motor oil to another facility.” “Our Clean Burn furnace allows us to be proactive at Eastern Mennonite University in recycling efforts that help us save on energy costs.”

    Ed Lehman, Maintenance Supervisor Eastern Mennonite University | Harrisonburg, VA
  • “We’ve had a Clean Burn unit for more than three years and we’re exceptionally pleased with it. Moreda Dairy has 600 acres and lots of farm equipment that we service in our shop. We had originally tried to recycle our used oil ourselves and failed. Clean Burn was recommended to us and we really like the unit. Our Clean Burn unit has no smoke output, does the job right and pays for itself every day.”

    Ed Moreda, Co-owner Moreda Dairy Yerington | Nevada
  • “Our two Clean Burn units work constantly to recycle almost 500 gallons of used motor oils each month. Our company grows, packages and ships more than 3,000 acres of premium white, red, yellow and sweet onions each year. We have more than 150 engines that are maintained regularly in our shop. “For the past 10 years we’ve relied on our Clean Burn furnaces to recycle every drop of used motor oils. These are excellent units that help us heat our shop area on a regular basis.”

    Troy Coutts, Shop Foreman Peri and Sons Yerington | Nevada
  • “We have 17 trucks that haul thousands of cattle each year throughout the western portion of the United States. In maintaining those trucks, we have a great deal of used motor oils to dispose of all the time. The Clean Burn furnace we’ve had for five years is great. I think every farmer who maintains heavy equipment should have one.”

    Brad Bingham, Vice President Bingham Livestock | Tremonton, Utah
  • We’ve got a 17,000-acre ranch with more than 3,000 sheep so we’re constantly maintaining our vehicles. Our Clean Burn unit works extremely well to recycle the used motor oils produced from our trucks and trailers.

    Elizabeth Philip, Co-Owner Philip Sheep Company


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