Hall Of Fame Racing Legend

Bill Elliott

Watch this one-of-a-kind conversation with Racing Hall of Fame legend, Bill Elliott, as he reveals his years of experience with Clean Burn furnaces– and why he keeps coming back!

  • Clean Burn is a win-win for everybody. You save the environment by recycling it on site. You’re not having to pay someone else haul it away. You keep your waste oil in your facility after an oil change or whatever you do in your vehicles. Then put it right in your Clean Burn furnace to heat your shop, and you're done.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend
  • Clean Burn has done a great job. They've got a really good product. We have a lot of waste oil in the shop, and they help us recycle it into heat. It's definitely the most efficient way that we can do it. Instead of having a company come and haul off your waste oil, you dump it right in your Clean Burn unit, and now you're heatin' your shop.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend
  • We hadn't had any problem with Clean Burn over the years. It's been pretty much bulletproof. We've had really good success with them in our in our shops, and that's why I keep coming back.

    Bill Elliott Hall of Fame Racing Legend


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