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We bought a product that’s a competitor to Clean Burn about seven years ago and we really regret it. Knowing now what I didn’t know then convinces me we should have purchased a Clean Burn unit.

From everything I’ve seen, the Clean Burn units are easier to maintain and more user-friendly than the oil recycling system we have now. Currently we have to mess with the tank and totes. Every time we need to work on the unit I have to get out a large ladder to service it. A one-unit system like Clean Burn offers would be ideal for us.

We’re really impressed with the ease of maintenance, the self-containing unit and user-friendliness of the Clean Burn unit. If I could go back in time and revise my decision, I definitely would have purchased a Clean Burn unit.

Recycling waste oil into heat is a great idea. Unfortunately, we didn’t pick the best system. We’re having issues with getting the hot air pushed down to the ground level of our facility. I wish we had purchased the self-contained Clean Burn unit. I can see now that we would not have the service and maintenance problems with the Clean Burn unit that I have today. The Clean Burn unit is simpler than our system and easier to operate. If we had known then what we know today, we never would have bought the competitive product.

Our company recycles about 2,500 gallons of used motor oil a year. We invested in a used oil recycling unit about seven years ago. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish we had selected a Clean Burn unit. Their products are easier to maintain, are more user-friendly and simpler to operate than the unit we purchased.

Bryant Kieffner, Sales Manager
Meyer Truck Equipment
Jasper, Indiana